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    evolution psychotherapy 

      offers three THERAPEUTIC RECOVERY PROGRAMS in addition to individual and couples therapy: 


    Women's Sexual Integrity Program (WSIP)

    I offer both an entry level psychoeducational group and a long-term therapy process group for women in sexual and relationship recovery. More information on women's groups can be found here.


    Empowered Grace Partners of Sex Addicts Program 

    Support is essential when in relationship - or healing from one - with a sex addict. Gaslighting, blame-shifting, deception and relapse are common betrayals that are best navigated with the wise counsel of others who have been there and understand. This group combines cutting-edge information with weekly check-in support and accountability. Particular focus will be on working through the formal tasks of reconciliation which include disclosure, clarification/empathy, and forgiveness. These letters can be created and witnessed whether or not one chooses to stay in relationship with a sex addict. 


    Couples Reconciliation Program  (CRP)

    Reconciliation after the betrayal of sex/relationship addiction is a complex process. Couples need support to learn and practice new ways of being honest and assertive, work through conflict, manage grief and traumatic responses, and reapproach physical connection. 

    As emotional healing and forgiveness occur, couples often need facilitation to explore a new level of sexual intimacy based on health, safety, non-addictive erotic discovery.

    Working with reconciling couples over a decade has allowed me to witness the amazing healing possible even in the most extreme situations, if both partners are willing to work.

    More resources for sexual healing for couples can be found here.


    My programs combine the most successful research-based practices from Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. (see for more information), integration with the 12-step addiction recovery model, attachment repair and trauma clearing, and the experience of using these methods and tools in a rigorous outpatient setting over many years. I was trained by the International Institute for Trauma and Addictions Therapists (IITAP), earning my Certified Sex Addictions Therapist (CSAT) qualification in 2006 - 2007.