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    Women's Sexual Integrity Program

    "For thousands of years we were nourished by being members of a community, gathering around the fire, hearing the stories of the elders, feeling supported during times of loss and grief, offering gratitude, singing together, sharing meals at night and our dreams in the morning. I call these activities “primary satisfactions.” We are hard-wired to want them, but few of us receive them. In their absence we turn to secondary satisfactions: rank, privilege, wealth, status — or, on the shadow side, addictions. The problem with these secondary satisfactions is that we can never get enough of them. We always want more. But once we find our primary satisfactions, we don’t want much else."

    --Francis Weller

    Trauma Processing Group for Women in Sexual and Relationship Recovery

    b  l  o  o  m


    Call or email to explore if this group might be a fit for you!

    Long-Term Group, Ongoing

    Four requirements for membership eligibility:

    1. Female
    2. At least one year of experience on the healing journey, and stable in own ongoing sexual/relationship recovery
    3. Has goals for specific trauma symptom reduction
    4. Experience with individual therapy for trauma processing (present and/or past) and therapist recommends group

    Group structure:

    •  Opening Meditation
    •  Check-in
    •  Trauma Processing
    •  Closure Exercise

    Modalities Used to Support Trauma Processing

    •       Trust- and Safety-Building Activities
    •       Psycho-education about Post Traumatic Transformation
    •       Mindfulness Meditation
    •       Trauma Narratives and Debriefing
    •       Guided Imagery
    •       Poetry and Sharing
    •       Art Therapy
    •       EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka “The Tapping Solution”)
    •       Drama and Play Therapy
    •       Safe Physical Movements




    Fee is $275 per month.


    For more information or to schedule an appointment for group screening, contact Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT at (206) 949-6150 or email. Thank you!