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    Lifespan Integration

    Lifespan Integration (LI) is a gentle, effective method for healing past traumatic memories and symptoms that are still impacting the present.  I have completed both the beginner and advanced training in Lifespan Integration.


    Lifespan Integration relies on the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself. LI is body-based, and combines active imagination, the juxtaposition of ego states in time, and a visual time line of memories to facilitate neural integration and rapid healing. During the integrating phase of the protocol, you 'view' a memory image for each year of your life. The Lifespan Integration technique causes memories to surface spontaneously, and because of how memories are held neurologically, each memory which surfaces is related to the emotional theme or issue being targeted. The resulting panoramic view of your life gives you new insights about lifelong patterns resultant from the past trauma.


    After LI therapy, people find themselves spontaneously reacting to current stressors in more age appropriate ways. Clients who begin LI therapy with memory gaps are eventually able to connect the pieces of their lives into a coherent whole. Clients who have completed Lifespan Integration therapy report that they feel better about life, are more self-accepting, and are better able to enjoy their intimate relationships.


    LI sessions are usually longer than typical therapy sessions; :90 minutes the is average length.  


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