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    In addition to specialty individual therapy and reconciliation counseling, r.evolution psychotherapy is delighted to offer a time-limited (3 month) 
    Anger Management/Assertiveness Training Group for Partners of Sex Addicts

    The group structure includes alternating weeks of psycho-educational presentation with practice and homework, and the next/alternate week as homework review and processing. Topics covered:
    1. Introductions, Overview of Betrayal Trauma, Anger/Rage, and Assertiveness
    2. Childhood/Family Lessons in Anger
    3. Your Anger Profile and Your Assertiveness Vision
    4. Healthy Assertiveness Skills Training
    5. Healthy Boundary Setting Skills Training
    6. Fair Fighting Agreements/Contracts for Couples, Families and Friendships
    Group Fee: $275 per month. Size: up to seven people. Notebooks and handouts provided.
    I will conduct a one session interview with potential members for trust-building and to review group rules. Ideally group members would be in established individual therapy or other support group during the course of the group.
    Please call or email if you have any questions, or you'd like to schedule an appointment.